Release Updates - July 2023

AMS360 integration enhancements - Policy Origin, Executive Mapping

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7/20/23 Release

  • AMS360 Policy Origin Field

  • AMS360 Executive Mapping

  • List of minor enhancements pushed to production on-demand

AMS360 Policy Origin Field

The 'Policy Origin' field originating from AMS360 will now be displayed on synced policies within AgencyZoom. For example, in AMS360, a policy that is manually entered is noted as "Manual Entry" for its Policy Origin and if the shell was created via AgencyZoom, it would be listed as "Third Party." By retrieving the Policy Origin from AMS360, you are able to construct separate workflows in AgencyZoom. For example, your onboarding/renewal processes may differ for a manually entered policy vs. a carrier download.

Policy Origin triggers have been added to onboarding, retain, and service automation. To have policies enter separate onboarding/renewal service pipelines, configure this in the pipeline settings.

AMS360 Executive Mapping

AMS360 users that have multiple employee profiles can now be funneled into one AgencyZoom user, removing the need to create and manage multiple AgencyZoom accounts. Additionally, the data being funneled into one AgencyZoom user allows for managing the book of business with a single set of AgencyZoom credentials while maintaining the commission splits in AMS360.

In the integration field mapping (sales producers), you can now map multiple AMS360 accounts to one AgencyZoom user. Indicate with the bi-directional arrows which AMS360 user will be the default assignee when uploading a lead, customer, policy, and activities to AMS360.

The following minor enhancements were pushed to production on-demand:

  • Update to Management System Integration Setting: Enroll Policy in Sequence

    • Within the automation tab of a lead, if you toggle off "Enrolled in Sequence", it will hide the lead automation sequence from the side dock when the automation is disabled.

  • New Renewal Pipelines Setting

    • For customers with multiple policies with the same renewal date, you now have the option to either create 1 ticket for each policy or 1 ticket for all policies.

    • Go to My Agency > Pipelines > scroll to your renewal pipeline > click the 3 dots > Edit.

    • When editing your Renewal Pipeline, scroll down to the checkbox "If a customer has multiple policies, only enroll the highest value policy." If unchecked, you will now see the dropdown to either "Create 1 ticket for all policies" or "Create 1 ticket for each policy."

  • How-To Video for Vonix Integration (VoIP)

    • Learn how to set up your integration with Vonix by going to My Agency > Integrations> Vonix.

  • New Onboarding Setting for QQCatalyst, AMS360, and EzLynx Integrations

    • Under the integration settings, you'll see a new setting under the Book of Business Integration section: "For those policies in Onboarding stage, automatically enroll them in Onboarding automation."

  • "Reply All" option available for integrated incoming emails for leads and customers

  • Option to create additional contacts under a single customer if multiple rows on the file share the same Name or Business Name for customer imports

    • When uploading a customer CSV, you will now be prompted with a new question to avoid duplicate entry: "How do we UNIQUELY identify a customer?"

    • Go to Customers > Actions > Import customer. After you upload a CSV, this question will provide a dropdown of options including

      • 1. By customer name

      • 2. By customer name and customer email address

      • 3. By customer name and customer phone number

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