Release Updates- January 2024

Tag via service automation, Smart-cycle and recycle based on expiration date, hide unused carriers, and more

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1/17/24 Release

  • Tag via service automation

  • Smart-Cycle and recycle based on expiration date

  • Hide unused carriers and policy types

  • Add a tag when creating a lead from customer profile

  • Linking AMS360 'informal salutation' and 'nickname' in AgencyZoom

Tag via Service Automation

You can now add tags in service automation. Automatically add key visual indicators and/or branch a service request automation sequence with subsequent tag-triggered touchpoints.

Smart-Cycle and Recycle based on Expiration Date

Smart-Cycle and recycle prior to 'Next Expiration Date' by manually dragging a lead to smart-cycle or with the aged shot-clock. Drastically improve your workflow, effortlessly removing leads passed their x-date and having them return at just the right time.

When leads are manually moved to Smart-Cycle, instead of choosing a custom date for its recycle (return to pipeline), you now have the option to choose a number of days prior to the next expiration date. No more manually calculating this date (and trying to remember how many days are in each month). After adding the number of days to the 'Days prior to Next Expiration Date' field, the recycle date will automatically be calculated. With just a few clicks, stow away leads until they are ready to be closed the next time.

For shot-clock automation, you can now set the 'Period' field to 'Prior to next expiration date.' This will automatically move the lead to smart-cycle when its expiration date is approaching and, again, recycle the set time prior to its next expiration date.

Important note: if an opportunity expires, it will automatically be updated to its next expiration date (remember a lead's next expiration date is its earliest opportunity expiration date). If a lead does not have any opportunities but has a next expiration date that has been input, this too will be automatically updated.

Hide unused Carriers and Policy Types

In the carrier and policy type setup, toggle off unused carriers and policy types to remove them from the available options when adding business. Easily select the carriers and policy types you actually write, without scrolling through a cluttered list.

Add a Tag when creating a Lead from Customer Profile

Add a tag when creating a lead from the customer page (actions > create lead) and maintain consistency with the customer tags and/or policy tags when cross-selling.

Linking AMS360 'Informal Salutation' and 'Nickname' in AgencyZoom

AMS360's 'Informal Salutation' field will now carry over in AgencyZoom as the 'Nickname' field and vice versa. Templates with the nickname placeholder will automatically pull in the recipient's preferred salutation!

The following minor enhancements were pushed to production on-demand:

  • Converted ILB leads from email-based to webhook-based web lead integration to better receive driver and vehicle information

  • Location of Property has been added to earthquake and flood policies

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