Release Updates - April 2024
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4/10/24 Release

  • Add drivers license # and state licensed to the drivers

  • Retrieve drivers and vehicles on the policy from the management systems

  • NAICS triggers for automation

4/17/24 Release

  • Service re-quote tools

  • Refined automation recipient lists

Policy Driver & Vehicle Information in AgencyZoom

Automatically retrieve driver and vehicle information on the policy from the management system! Look for this info to come in handy on the next release as we add the re-quote tools to Service Center!

Drivers License # and State Licensed

Adding two more required rating fields! Collect these details and push to your rater without ever having to rekey.

Business Classification triggers for automation

Segment your automation pertinent to the industry of the prospect or customer! Once selecting 'Commercial' in the Applies to field, the Business Classification triggers will appear.

Service Center Re-Quote Tools

1. Policy Lines

Drivers, vehicles, and property address are now available in the service center. Whether previously added in the sales pipeline or automatically pulled through on a policy, the customer assets will be available in the service dock.

2. Rating

Submit a quote directly from the service dock using your integrated rater!

3. Quote Documents

You can now upload a quote document to a quote in the service dock. When sending an email, automatically attach quote documents from the service dock.

Refined Automation Recipient Lists

The automation recipient dropdown list in touchpoints is now categorized by internal and external. Additional recipient options have been added including primary contact, all contacts, and more.

The following minor enhancements were pushed to production on-demand:

  • When terminating a team member, you are no longer required to re-assign. AgencyZoom will not change the assignment in your integrated management system.

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