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Release Updates- July 2024

Tag filter for reports, customer premium filter, enhanced Lightspeed integration, and more!

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7/3/24 Release

  • Tag filter for reports

  • Customer premium filter

  • Quick add contact to email

7/12/24 Release

  • SmartSearch

7/17/24 Release

  • New-and-improved Lightspeed Integration

  • Smart-cycle indicator for lead full page

Tag filter for reports

Filter prospecting, new business, and service reports by tag to analyze the success of your tag-driven campaigns, the premium generated from those campaigns, or your service metrics for your high-value customers and more.

Customer Premium Filter

You can now filter the customer list by total active customer premium. Segmenting this customer base can help you easily identify and prioritize your high-value customers.

Quick add contact to email

When sending an email, you can quickly add related contacts to the recipients bar to streamline your communication process and reduce the need to manually search for and add related contacts.


Check out the full article on SmartSearch here!

New & improved Lightspeed integration

Integrated calling and texting is now available with the Lightspeed integration!

  • Manually text or text via automation using your Lightspeed account

  • Click-to-call from AgencyZoom

  • Automatically apply all text and phone communications on the appropriate contact files

    • Including links to the call recordings

Setting up the Integration

To setup the integration, first start in Lightspeed:

  1. Select Management > Lead Settings > Integration

  2. Add AgencyZoom and ensure that the assigned toggle is on

Then navigate to AgencyZoom:

  1. My Agency > Integration > Lightspeed

  2. Select 'Connect' and enter your Lightspeed credentials (if you are already signed in, you will not need to do this)

  3. Configure your integration settings

  4. Enjoy

Smart-cycle indicator for lead full page

If a lead is in smart-cycle, an indicator will be displayed next to the lead name in the full page for greater visibility.

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