Manual entry sucks! That's why we have bots 🤖 to do all the work for you!  As an Allstate user, all you have to do is upload your binding docs and move on.  
It's insanely easy!

Step 1 - Save the binding docs from Alliance to your computer

Here's the process for getting the correct set of binding docs to upload:

  • After you click Bind in Alliance, stay on the bind screen

  • Click Select All underneath the checklist of binding docs

  • After all the binding docs have been checked, Click Print and you will see a pop-up of the binding docs in PDF format. 

  • Save that file as a PDF by clicking File then Save As  (Do not do File then Print to PDF)

Step 2 - Upload that PDF file to AgencyZoom

  • Login to your AgencyZoom account

  • Click on Upload P&C Binding Doc button from the left navigation

  • Find the PDF file you just downloaded

  • Celebrate because it's that easy!

Pro Tip:  Be sure to tag the lead source on the Hooray screen that pops up.

What's Next?

The above only works for Allstate business that is bound in Alliance.

  • For the policies bound in AdvisorPro check out this guide

  • For broker business, just click the Add Brokered Business button from the left menu and follow the prompt. It's super easy!

Still having issues?

We're here to help!  Start a live chat conversation (9-5 est) by clicking on the help bubble in the bottom right corner.  If it's outside of our business hours you can still start a conversation and we'll get back to you first thing next morning.

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