The RingCentral integration allows you and your team to integrate with your AgencyZoom account so that you can start texting your clients directly from within AgencyZoom.

Once you integrate with your RingCentral account, you can set up automated texts for your prospecting or new customer automation from the Life-Cycle Automation page.

Every team member that has an account with RingCentral will need to connect to their own account. Read here for more details if you're a non-admin AgencyZoom user that has their own RingCentral phone number.

NOTE: An AgencyZoom admin must activate the RingCentral integration within their own account before non-admins will be able to connect.

AgencyZoom admins can go to the integration page and click on RingCentral to activate the integration. Once there, simply connect and follow the prompts.

You must connect with a number that has texting functionality in RingCentral, or it will not work.

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