Release updates - May 2021

Tarmika, Custom pipelines and referral partner automation

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We have a few releases updates to share with you for the month of May.

  • Custom pipelines

  • Tarmika integration

  • Referral partner automation

  • Ability to tag leads and customers

  • NowCerts integration enhancements

  • UX updates

Custom pipelines

This is a major release that has touched almost all of the core features in AgencyZoom. This update will allow you to do the following

  • Create new sales pipelines

  • Add and edit stages of existing pipelines

  • Track activity across all pipelines

  • Create custom automation workflows for any pipeline

NOTE: This update also impacts our zapier integration. If you currently have an active zap to create new leads, you will need to update that zap so that it can point to the new pipeline. Simply edit your zap and update the Pipeline and Stage fields.

Taramika Integration

Tarmika is a single entry comparative rating platform specifically designed for independent agents.

The integration between AgencyZoom and Tarmika allows you to eliminate duplicate entry by sending client information located in AgencyZoom to Tarmika with a push of a button.

Referral partner automation

This new automation allows you to send updates to the person and/or company that has sent you a referral if that referral enters a new stage. Example, if you'd like to let your referral partner (or anyone that has sent you a referral) know that you've just quoted that referral, then set up an automation to either email or text that referral partner once a referred lead enters a specific stage (e.g. Quote stage)

Ability to tag leads and clients

Tags can be used to help you sort through your leads and customers. It's a great way for you to better manager a long list of clients and identify special cases (e.g. a hot lead, a VIP client, etc)

Examples of how to use tags:

  • Tag to identify Hot or Cold leads.

  • Tag customers that are VIP or Veterans etc.

  • Tag leads in a specific stage (e.g. Quoted) to identify where they are in the sales process.

  • Use tags to quickly filter through your customer list or lead list.

NowCerts integration enhancements

We've enhanced the integration between AgencyZoom and NowCerts to include the following

  • Sync lead source: When a lead is added to AgencyZoom, the lead source is now synched to that lead in NowCerts.

  • Attachment sync: If you add an attachment to a lead or a customer in AgencyZoom, that file will be uploaded to that client's profile in Nowcerts.

User interface updates

We continue to make improvements to the user interface in order to enhance your experience while using AgencyZoom. In May, we've made the following minor enhancements:

  • Updated the interface for creating a new automated touchpoint

  • Updated the interface for smart cycle to declutter

  • Updated the look and feel of the list pages to better display the data

  • Improved the colors and enhanced the visuals for a better experience

We will continue to invest a lot of time in this area as we expand the functionality of the system in order to maintain the easy of use and overall user experience that you're used.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions.

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