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Adding a New Email-Based Lead Vendor Integration
Adding a New Email-Based Lead Vendor Integration

Setting up an Email-Based vendor to bring in leads

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Watch the quick video below for instructions on to get your leads from vendors automatically into your AgencyZoom account.

The Current email-based integration partners are:

  • All Web Leads

  • Benepath


  • Compare Insurance Quotes

  • Datalot

  • Dave Ramsey

  • EverQuote

  • G4Smarketing

  • HBW Leads

  • HometownQuotes

  • ILB Leads

  • InsuranceLeads

  • InsuranceQuotes

  • ITC Website

  • PLR Market Access

  • QuoteHound

  • QuoteNerds

  • Quote Rush

  • Real Results

  • Smart Financial

  • Trusted Choice

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1) Click the My Agency icon

Step 2) Click the "Integration" page

Step 3) Click the "Web Lead Integration" button

Step 4) Click the blue "+ Web Lead Integration" button in the upper-right corner

Step 5) Choose one of the supported email-based vendors and click "Next"

Step 6) Select the Lead Source you want to assign to these leads from the dropdown menu, then click "Next"

Step 7) Select the Pipeline you want these leads to come into from the dropdown menu, then select the Stage you want them placed in from the second dropdown and click "Next"

Step 8) Choose how you want the leads to be Assigned
(This can be round-robin to all producers, assign to a specific producer-only, or assign to members in an assignment group) then click "Next"

Step 9) The "All Done" Page will display your unique email inbox address
(format will be agent name_vendor

Step 10) Go to your lead vendor portal and add this new email address to the lead delivery system

Congratulations! Your leads can start coming directly into AgencyZoom!

PLR Market Access

After you've followed the steps above, follow the below steps in PL Rating:

  1. Select Admin > Market Access Admin

  2. Enter the email address provided from AgencyZoom

  3. Save

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