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How to integrate CRQ leads

Consumer Rate Quote (CRQ)

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AgencyZoom has a Web Lead Integration for Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ) Leads that get sent from PL Rating. When CRQ creates the email to send to your agency it can also send that email to AgencyZoom where a lead will be created with Name, Address, phone, email address, and a copy of the email.

Setup in AgencyZoom

Go to My Agency > Integration > Web Lead Integration.

Choose Add Web Lead Integration then choose Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ).

Once you select Next, you will be stepped thru the options of how to assign the lead to your options in AgencyZoom. Complete your agencies Lead Source, Target Pipeline, and Lead Assignment with your agency’s choices. If you have questions about these items, please reach out to support via the chat bubble.

When you complete these choices, you will get a field for the assigned AgencyZoom email inbox.

Setup in PL Rating > Admin > CRQ Setup

Add the email address provided by AgengyZoom to Consumer Rate Quotes Setup Quote Notification Information – Email Addresses. Add a semi colon between email addresses. See example below:

When the CRQ email comes into AgencyZoom, it will create the contact and send the notification per the pipeline setup.

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