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Release Updates- September 2022
Release Updates- September 2022

Quote status, tag functionality, task list enhancements, custom fields, and more

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See below for the list of release updates for the month of September!

9/07/22 Releases:

  • Quote status

  • Tag functionality for shot clock

  • Lead loss reason and resolution type added to shot clock

  • Calendar integration recurring events

  • Task list enhancements

9/21/22 Releases:

  • Customer custom fields for templates and automation

  • Donna Integration

Quote Status

When a quote is added, you now have the ability to set a quote status on leads from a dropdown list as either submitted, declined, approved, referred, or received. You can also filter by quote status in the pipeline and list view. Lastly, you can pull reports under the leads section for "quote status by producer", "quote status by policy type", and "quote status by carrier."

Tag Functionality for Shot Clock

You can now tag a lead when the shot clock expires (aged leads entering another pipeline and neglected leads being re-assigned). Under Aged Leads for example, you can select the new dropdown menu named "Add a tag after shot clock expires".

You can also tag a service request when the shot clock expires for neglected and aged leads. The same process would apply as the above.

Lead Loss Reason and Reslution Type Added

A lead loss reason has been added for aged leads moved to dead. A resolution type has been added to aged service requests moved to completed.

Calendar Integration Recurring Events

Repeating calendar events synced through will now be indicated as "recurring".

Task List Enhancements

The task list has been reconfigured for additional sorting capabilities (title, lead/customer, creation date, due date, completion date). The toolbar has also been redefined for more efficient workflows.

Customer Custom Fields for Templates and Automation

Customer custom fields are now available for templates and automation. Originally, this was only available for leads. Click the article below to learn more.

Donna Integration

Donna, a data analytics platform, is now included on the integrations page. A lead created in Donna will automatically be uploaded in AgencyZoom. For help setting up the integration, click Donna on the integrations page to watch the video.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions!

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