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Release Updates - November 2022
Release Updates - November 2022

Cancel related open tasks, CC and BCC for email, business type focus, and more

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Please see below for the list of releases for the month of November.

11/2/22 Releases:

  • Cancel related open tasks when moving a service request to completed

  • Dashboard Reconfiguration

  • CC & BCC for email

  • Business Type Focus

  • Left menu declutter

11/16/22 Releases:

  • Video Platform: Marketing & Quoting

  • Carrier and policy type triggers for service automation

  • Cancel written policy from the customer view

  • Display task title as the header

  • Additional task list columns

Cancel related open tasks when moving a service request to completed

You can now cancel related open tasks when moving a service request to completed (the same functionality as moving a lead to smart-cycle).

Dashboard Reconfiguration

The Main Dashboard will now be togglable between Sales and Service Dashboards.

Selecting Service Center will take you to the pipeline view.

CC and BCC for Email

Business Type Focus

System setting to determine the default when adding a new lead or customer (Personal, Commercial).

Left Menu Declutter

Activities, winbacks, and compensation have been moved to a submenu for admins.

Video Platform: Marketing & Quoting

AgencyZoom's video platform creates a new communication channel between agents and their customers by recording and inserting videos into outbound emails to personalize outreach, elicit response, and drive customer satisfaction. For additional information and a video on how-to's, click here.

Carrier and Policy Type Triggers for Service Automation

Create more specific automation sequences with the new carrier and policy type triggers for service automation.

Cancel Written Policy from the Customer View

The option to cancel a written policy from the customer view. Canceling the policy will remove the policy from the new business reports and remove it from any upcoming automation.

Display Task Title as the Header

The task title will now be displayed on the main line and the task type on the secondary line so the most important info is highlighted.

Additional Task List Columns

Phone, email, street, city, and state.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions.

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