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What is Enterprise

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Built for large insurance corporations with multiple agencies, AgencyZoom Enterprise aggregates data from all individual AgencyZoom CRM accounts into a centralized dashboard, providing corporate leaders with comprehensive reporting and in-depth insights into agencies’ performance. It also streamlines operations by allowing sales and service workflows to be published and readily available for agencies as well as distributing content including documents and pre-built email and text templates for improved communication and consistency across the business.

Key Features

Enterprise reporting and business intelligence: Track key performance indicators, employee engagement, and peer-to-peer analysis as well as create custom dashboards for personalized enterprise reporting to make strategic-driven decisions for the business.

Workflow standardization: Create and publish sales and service pipelines, automation, and service configuration to streamline operations and improve member agency readiness.

Content distribution: Create and distribute prebuilt templates and content across accounts for improved communication and consistency.

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