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Getting Started with Enterprise
Getting Started with Enterprise

Getting Started with Enterprise, Invite Agency, Members

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Go to and use your credentials, provided by Vertafore, to login to your account. Follow steps below for basic setup, adding members and inviting agencies.

Start with the My Organization icon to edit any agency information, add users, and member agencies.

  • Users are team members who will have access to the Enterprise account. There are two types of permissions: Manager and User.

    • Permission level “Users” will not have access to the “My Organization” icon.

  • Member Agencies are the individual AgencyZoom accounts that can be linked to the Enterprise account.

When Member Agencies are added, they will receive an invitation and once accepted, their AgencyZoom data will start funneling into the Enterprise account.

Workflows can be streamlined by publishing (sharing) pipelines, automation, tags, lead sources and service configurations to the Member Agencies.

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