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Release updates - December 2020
Release updates - December 2020

Click to call, Zipwhip integration, new settings and more

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Here are some new updates released in December 2020.

  • New Mobile App version

  • Click to call from AgencyZoom

  • Zipwhip integration

  • Attachment sync with AMS

  • Ability to email ALL customers with one click

  • Holiday automation setting

  • Forward incoming calls to your Twilio number to a different number

Read below for more details on each update.

Note: If you missed last months release notes, you can access them here.

Texting & Emailing from the AgencyZoom Mobile App

Version 1.08 of the mobile app for Android and iOS will include the following updates

  • Bug fixes

  • Ability to text clients from the app

  • Ability to email clients from the app

  • Access to your conversations thread

All you will need to do is update the AgencyZoom mobile app from your iOS or Android app stores to get access to these enhancements.

Document Upload to QQ & AMS360

Adding attachments to leads and customers will now be automatically uploaded to clients profile in QQ or AMS360.

You don't need to do anything to activate this new enhancement, once it's released it will be active on all accounts.

Click to call

For salespeople, an efficient calling workflow is essential for saving time and reaching targets. With AgencyZoom's built-in click to call feature, you will be able to:

1. Make calls with one click without leaving AgencyZoom.

2. Automatically log all of the calls as activities for effortless reporting.

3. Automatically document calls made in the clients profile with appropriate notes.

If we don't integrate with your VOIP, then you can still use the calling feature using Twilio as a service. Going that route still allows you to set your caller ID so that calls going to clients are coming from your agencies phone number. It's very cool!

Zipwhip integration

The Zipwhip + AgencyZoom integration allows agents to text prospects and customers directly from their AgencyZoom account. You can set an automated texting workflow to follow up on warm leads, offer more personalized onboarding experiences, and send reminders for upcoming policy renewals.

How to email all of your customers with one click

Want to send a mass communication to all of your customers? We just made it really easy for you to accomplish that. All you have to do is select ALL customers from your customer list then click on the option to "SEND EMAIL"

See quick video below for more details

Holiday automation setting

Automation is great but you probably don't want to be emailing or texting a client during major holidays.

You can now control if you'd like to trigger automations to go out on holiday or not by going into System settings then click on the "Automation" tab and from there you should see the option to turn on/off automations during major holidays.

Forward incoming calls to your Twilio number to a different number

One downside to texting using Twilio is that you have to purchase a new number. What if your client attempts to call you back at that number, then what?

This is where call forwarding comes in. Let's say that you've purchased phone number 614-555-5555 from Twilio so that you can start texting your clients from AgencyZoom. In your Twilio integration settings, you can set any call attempt to that 614-555-5555 number to be forward to your office number.

What to expect next?

  • Occasions automation: Emails and texts for holidays and birthdays

  • Contact center: Ability to manage all of your contacts

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions about any of these new enhancements.

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