2023 Year in Review

Comprehensive list of features and enhancements for 2023

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New Integrations

    • Send texts and make outbound calls from AgencyZoom using NerdPhone. Track texts and call detail records automatically on the lead or customer file.

    • Send texts and make outbound calls from AgencyZoom using Vonix. Track texts and call detail records automatically on the lead or customer file.

    • Quote multiple carriers by reducing time spent on data entry.

Integration Enhancements

    • Allows multiple AMS360 users to a single AgencyZoom license/user in the user mapping. Retain multiple AMS360 users for commission purposes while funneling the separate assignments to a single AgencyZoom user for automation, task management, and visibility.

    • Policy origin is now retrieved from AMS360 and displayed on synced policies within AgencyZoom. Create separate onboarding and renewal workflows for manually entered policies and carrier downloads and take advantage of new Policy Origin triggers for onboarding, retention, and service automation.

    • PL Rating Market Access has been added to the web lead integration options.

    • Updated to determine which sequence (onboarding vs. retain) synced policies enter.

    • A new setting has been added under the Book of Business Integration section: "For those policies in Onboarding stage, automatically enroll them in Onboarding automation."

Lead & Policy Enhancements

    • Expiration Date and Producer Assignment

      • Add expiration date and assignment to opportunities to ensure deadlines are met and promote cross-department collaboration on multi-opportunity leads.

    • Add Drivers, Vehicles, and Property Information to opportunities

      • Allows you to store this information prior to quoting and provides a more efficient submission process.

    • Push Driver/Vehicle/Property Information directly into Rater(s)

      • This information will accompany the main lead info, saving you time and reducing errors.

    • Opportunity List

      • Sortable by expiration date, policy type, carrier, and producer to give you greater flexibility in prioritizing your work.

    • Next Expiration Date

      • For leads with multiple opportunities, this field will automatically populate with the earliest opportunity expiration date. You can also trigger lead automation before the next expiration date and have the option to set the number of days before the next expiration date to trigger the automated touchpoint.

    • Web Lead Webhook Format and API Updates

      • Seamlessly ingests the new driver, vehicle, and property data so that the data you need is available where and when you need it.

    • You can now designate a sales pipeline as personal or commercial. When adding a lead, the business type will automatically be set to align with the corresponding focus of your pipeline for enhanced efficiency.

    • Set Aged and Neglected 15-minute and 1-hour shot clock time increments for leads and service workflows to encourage leads to be worked quickly and promote better service response times.

    • Choose your Avatar Color in the pipeline view for a more noticeable distinction between lead assignments.

    • When importing leads, the system will now recognize if there are multiple contacts for the same lead using either first name + last name, full name, or business name and will add them as additional contacts under a single lead.

    • You can now document which policy covers which location by storing the Location of Property address within AgencyZoom. It will also eliminate double entry when submitting with PL Rating.

    • For customers with multiple policies with the same renewal date, you can create one ticket for each policy or one ticket for all policies.

    • Lead opportunities can now be converted to a quote from the lead full-page view.

    • Ability to add other CSRs to a lead batch update.

    • Option to delete contact(s) when deleting a customer.

Automation Enhancements

    • You can now tag a lead or customer as part of the automation sequence. There is no longer the need to manually tag a file that has been in a sequence for a specified amount of time. This will also allow you to branch automation sequences if the applied tag is also used as a trigger in subsequent touchpoints.

    • When adding an automated step, you can conveniently attach a document from the Document Library by using the “Browse from Documents” option or “Browse from Computer” to open the computer files.

Communication Enhancements

    • You can now record and playback phone conversations in AgencyZoom. Review phone conversations for quality assurance and training, improve customer interactions, and more as call recordings are logged in the activities of a lead, contact, or service request.

    • Communicate and collaborate more effectively within your agency by mentioning (@) team members in a note for leads, customers, contacts, and service tickets and they'll instantly be notified.

    • You can now select from files that you've uploaded to a lead, customer, service request, or contact when attaching.

    • There's a new look and feel to the email section in Conversations to mimic a more familiar email inbox. The list view is also more conducive to performing batch actions (updating the read status or deleting) to multiple emails at a time.

    • Select both an executive and a rep to receive inbound text notifications from customers and leads for enhanced transparency and visibility across the agency.

    • NerdPhone Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has been enabled to allow the exchange of images.

    • 'Reply All' from customer activities.

    • [Today's Date] placeholder for templates.

    • Option to CC/BCC when replying to an email conversation.

Service-Related Enhancements

Workflow & User-Centric Enhancements

    • Add a new lead, customer, task, note, upload a new file, and more from any page within the platform with just one click to save you time and improve your workflow.

    • Allows you to log into multiple Vertafore SSO-enabled solutions with just one set of credentials –simplifying the login process and providing greater security and compliance with multifactor authentication.

    • Create additional contacts under a single customer if multiple rows on the file share the same Name or Business Name for customer imports.

    • Regular Hours are added as a column on the timesheet report for a complete breakdown of the total Clocked Hours.

    • A sorting option was added to Today's Task section headers to sort tasks by the due date from soonest to latest (and vice versa).

    • Ability to edit a copied custom field.

    • All Executive and CSR dropdowns and the Service Category dropdown are sorted alphabetically for more user-friendly navigation.

    • Removed the restriction of downloading only 10 comp statements at once - now all can be downloaded at the same time.

    • The 'Credit' field can now be batch-updated in the Life & Health pipeline.

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